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A major concern of patients in need of a tooth extraction is whether or not it will be painful. Fortunately, your dentist will administer a powerful anesthetic to eliminate pain and discomfort almost entirely.


There are many reasons why your dentist would extract a tooth.

An extraction may come as the result of severe tooth decay or disease, gum disease, fractured teeth, or in preparation for braces.

There are two types of extractions that your dentist may have perform.

The first extraction your doctor might perform is a non-surgical extraction which involves tools known as “elevators” and “forceps”.

This takes place while the patient is under anesthetic, and when the tooth is visible in the mouth.

The second extraction your dentist may have to perform is a surgical extraction, which is also performed while the patient is under anesthetic.

However surgical removal differs in that the tooth is not visible and that an incision has to be made for the tooth to come out.


Occasionally, your dentist will come across a tooth that is damaged so extensively, either by tooth decay or trauma, that extraction is appropriate.

Other reasons include gum disease, or periodontitis, as the structural integrity of the tissues and the bone formations of the tooth become compromised.

An extra permanent tooth growing in the way of the permanent tooth line is called a supernumerary tooth. Another extra tooth much like the supernumerary tooth is a supplemental tooth.

A supplemental tooth is usually identical to the tooth it sits next to in line with the other teeth.

These types of extra teeth usually are removed to give space for the original permanent teeth so the dental arch can feel more comfortable.


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Many Surrey patients wonder if a tooth extraction will hurt. During the procedure you will likely not feel any pain due to the fact that you are under an anesthetic. You might feel a slight pressure at times but nothing more than a minor tug or pull.

The procedure itself does not typically take more than an hour to an hour and a half. Times may vary of course depending on number of teeth scheduled for extraction. Recovery from this procedure typically takes no longer than 24 hours.