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The dedicated staff at Strive Dental take the time to learn your dental health history to get a better understanding of the dietary and lifestyle decisions which may contribute to your dental health.

Getting an idea of your adherence to daily dental health practices such as brushing and flossing will give our staff a better understanding of your overall dental wellness and set expectations for ongoing maintenance. At Strive Dental, we are adamant about treating our patients before treating the symptoms.

Whether you have oral damage from disease, an accident, genetics, etc. the friendly staff at Strive Dental is committed to healing what could be a seriously problem, or just a simple teeth whitening. Give us a call today at 604.503.5710 or request an appointment online.


You maybe be asking yourself, “What’s the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist, and what do they do differently?”

A dentist typically offers treatments ranging from teeth whitening to root canals among other things. Orthodontists are more specialized, however, focusing on procedures which move and/or realign the teeth using braces, Invisalign clear aligners, and other devices such as headgear.

The main reason both adults and kids choose to pay a visit to the orthodontists is do to malocclusion, more commonly know as a “bad bite.”

Symptoms of a bad bite may include overcrowded teeth, overbites, crossbites, and conditions like temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ).

In some cases, your dentist might use braces to expand the teeth.

A process known as “rapid palatal expansion” (RPE) in which the upper palate of the mouth is expanded, may also be used.

In the case of an overbite, the dentists at Strive Dental may use braces to realign the jaw.

They may also supplement treatment headgear. Elastics may be used in less severe cases of malocclusion. A spring may be used in more severe cases. A spring sits inside the mouth and cheeks, allowing the patient to use their mouths as they would normally.

Causes of malocclusion may include:

  • cleft lip/palate
  • regular use of a pacifier after the age of three
  • both bottle feeding and thumb sucking in early childhood
    injuries that result in misalignment
  • genetics
  • tumors in the mouth or jaw
  • impacted teeth
  • previous poor dental work

To prevent malocclusions, early detection can help correct the problem before it gets worse.


If you have an overbite, underbite, or overcrowded teeth, contact the experienced professionals at Strive Dental.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Without insurance braces can range in price from $3000 to $7500, with non metal braces costing to 50% more, but may vary from one location to the next depending on the average cost of living. If you have insurance however your out of pocket payment will be on average about $3,400 for traditional metal braces. A good thing to remember is that not all insurance dental plans can help pay for the cost of braces. So check to see if your plan can cover part of your orthodontic care.

You will likely be recommended an orthodontist after an appointment with a dentist. It is usually considered rare to see an orthodontist before first seeing a dentist. Your dentist will help determine if braces, aligners, etc. are necessary and an orthodontist will work with you to finish the treatment.

Dentists are able to treat a variety of conditions related to your oral health. Orthodontists are specialists and typically only work on certain, more complex procedures such as braces or Invisalign. Both are certified doctors of dental health.